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THE SEVEN RAYS are the original divine qualities of the Absolute. Each individual human soul is an essential part of one of the Seven Rays, and through a succession of lifetimes the qualities of that Ray are developed and refined, to further the evolution of Humanity.

THE SEVEN RAYS are an ancient tradition which is increasingly relevant today as the Aquarian Age begins to unfold, because the Rays work together to make for completeness, and Humanity - by becoming aware of the Ray energy working through the soul - should strive for the same ideal.

The philosophy of the 7 rays demonstrates how people of different spiritual inclinations can tread the same spiritual path, united in purpose to help the world without changing their own beliefs.

"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness." ~ Dalai Lama

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Prediction Article

This is a copy of the article I wrote for Prediction magazine in 1978. It serves as a good introduction to the Seven Rays because it marked an early point of my ongoing research.

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The Seven Rays are the seven attributes of God the Absolute, and exist as the natural division of all earthly manifestation, from the finest to the densest.

We can define the Seven Rays as the seven natural and precise divisions of any singular reality, which together make the completeness of the Absolute.

So the Seven Rays exist as the various conditions of energy and matter, taking the last two terms as different aspects of the same reality: the highest or finest state of energy or matter is its First Ray manifestation and the lowest or most dense state is its Seventh Ray manifestation.

According to the Ancient Wisdom, the objective existence of the Absolute began with just three aspects, His Will or Intention, His Love or Consciousness and His Form. This was the origin of three evolutionary life forms, the Lords Of Flame, The Lords Of Mind and the Lords of Form, which correspond to the Absolute's three principles.

To continue the process of evolution, each of His three life forms were again divided by three to allow them to adopt these principles independently from each other, and then into a further four categories to create what we know as physical reality:

The Lords of Flame are Elemental gods who are responsible for the seven divisions of the Absolute's Will into the Seven Kingdoms;

The Lords of Form are Devas who are responsible for the seven divisions of the Absolute's Form into the Seven Planes;

The Lords of Mind are Humans who are responsible for the seven divisions of the Absolute's Consciousness into the Seven Rays.

These are the only three evolutions of life in the entire cosmos ~ and by mutual co-operation they are responsible for the creation of the Absolute's existence, and our total reality.


The basic conditions necessary for every type of existence in the cosmos are the life-force, the consciousness and the form, which are based on the original principles of the Absolute and function through the first three Primary Rays. In our physical reality, the highest representations of the Elemental evolution are galaxies; the highest representation of the Deva evolution are planets, and the highest representations of the Human evolution are stars.

This hierarchical division of life is the function of the Absolute's First Aspect, His Divine Will, whose task is to divide all categories of life into seven archetypal Kingdoms. The highest Kingdoms in our physical reality, the galaxies, stars and planets, can only be experienced through one of our senses, sight - which through its association with light is related to the Second Primary Ray of Consciousness. The lower four kingdoms we can relate to through all of our senses: because the fourth Kingdom is Human life as we understand it; the fifth Kingdom is the animal realm, the sixth Kingdom is the vegetable realm, and the seventh Kingdom is the mineral realm.




Life exists independently in each of the life evolutions, but all life requires something from all three to exist, the predominant third being responsible for deciding through which evolution each individual life will exist. Therefore an Elemental will be predominantly composed of energy with a lesser amount of form and consciousness than a Devic being, who will be predominantly form, and a Human being who will be predominantly conscious.

All life is subject to three basic properties: the will to live or the life-force; the condition of being alive or consciousness; and the vehicle for life or bodily form. Where these three constituents are active the process of life is being fulfilled. These conditions are the three Primary Rays of Manifestation, the First Ray of Will, the Second Ray of Consciousness, and the Third Ray of Form. This is the minimum requirement for life, although to explain the variety of life forms in existence on Earth, the Third Ray is divided into a further four, called the Rays of Attribute, because form could exist as a single cell, an ocean teaming with life or a planet: the last four Rays put form into perspective.




The Rays working through Elementals act as a sevenfold division of archetypes, through the Devas as a sevenfold division of form, and Humans as a sevenfold division of consciousness. We can appreciate the existence of the Elemental and Devic evolutions because together they are responsible for the Seven Planes.

The Seven Planes exist as the archetypal collection of graded impulses stemming from the Absolute�s Divine Will. As such, they are beyond any concept of duality so they alone are aware of their existence, which is their natural condition of beingness. They are the First Primary Cause, the Elemental Lords of Flame. For the Planes to be useful to the Absolute and to aspects of His creation, the Elementals have to be organised into life by the Devic Lords of Form, to create an appearance that can be used by the Human Lords of Mind in their quest to manifest their quality. This demonstrates that the Planes are a combination of Devic and Elemental life, which can only function as part of our reality when balanced with the qualities of the Human Seven Rays.

The Seven Planes are the seven divisions of energy and form, which we confuse with levels of consciousness just because our awareness is able to access them. For example, the Astral Plane exists whether we are conscious of it or not ~ it has its own independent reality which the Elemental and Devic lifestreams are responsible for. Our consciousness can be aware of it through the medium of the Seven Rays, but the Astral Plane is there for purposes other than for us to dream on, it is a reality for other beings existing on other lifestreams as much as the physical Plane exists through our own concept of reality.

Each of the Seven Planes is divided into seven sub-planes, and each Plane and sub-plane relate to the Rays as do their counterparts on the Physical Plane. Our reality exists on the seventh sub-plane of the seventh Plane.

Our normal physical environment is related to the Seventh Ray, because it is composed of solid tangible matter. This is how we are aware of it, through all our senses, from sight to touch. We also know the physical world is composed of intangible forms of matter called molecules, atoms and sub-atomic particles. We can equate these three states of matter, which can only be detected with scientific instruments rather than our own senses, with the first three Primary Rays.

Sub-atomic particles are present throughout the universe and have no barriers; they pass straight through everything, including the planet Earth, and we only recognise their existence through their interaction. These particles form the primordial essence of the entire universe, because they belong to the Elemental Kingdom. They exist in their pure unmanifest condition on the highest level of physical reality, but because they are responsible for all physical manifestation they are also the substance of the lower four levels which require co-operation from the Devic Kingdom to produce a physical reality which Human beings and other forms of earthly life can interact with through the agency of the Human quality of conscious awareness.

The difference between the Elemental existence on the highest sub-atomic level and the four lowest levels is that on the highest level the Elemental beings have a separate existence which we can only understand through the idea of archetypes. The First Primary is the level at which the archetypal ideas of physical forms exist, which is the energy that ensures every cat will look like all other cats, to use a simple example. This is the first sub-plane of the Physical Plane, the sub-plane of archetypes, the level of the Absolute�s Divine Will. The lower four levels of Fire, Air, Water and Earth then become the arena through which the Absolute�s Divine Will is made manifest. On these lower four levels the archetypal idea translates into a type of manifestation unique to each level, so that the Fourth level contains form which fits the archetypal category of energy, the Fifth level gases, the Sixth level liquids, and the Seventh level solids.

Atoms have a more permanent and tangible existence. They are the basic forms of all physical matter, and group together to form molecules that have entirely different qualities to the atoms of which they are composed. We know that nuclear energy holds them together in a stable condition and that when they are "smashed" they produce a chain reaction which causes other atoms to break down into sub-atomic particles. We also know they have certain qualities which we can use to determine their actions, such as the way they can be grouped into "families" according to the Periodic Table, how these elements can be described by colour through spectrum analysis and by using this method we can determine the elements of distant stars. This ties them in with light and colour, which is the esoteric reason light is used to describe the Second Primary realm of atoms.

Next are the molecules, the basis of our physical existence and of life itself, because DNA is a molecular substance. This makes it easy to see how molecules relate to the Third Primary. The difference between molecules and atoms is that molecules can easily be transformed through chemical reactions, whereas atoms can not. Translating this into esoteric terminology we can see how Second Primary atoms are permanent and dependent only on the First Primary of sub-atomic forces, whereas Third Primary molecules, as a manifestation of angles, are subject to continual change, whether they manifest as genes or something more tangible like flesh and blood.

Therefore the Devas of the Third Primary, which equate with the molecular world, organise the Elementals of the First Primary, which equate with the world of the sub-atomic particles, into appreciable forms through the lower four levels to create physical matter which Humans can interact with through the Second Primary of consciousness awareness. This is accomplished on an atomic level, so that the atoms responsible for our physical form hold the key to our understanding of our physical existence. Atoms are composed of sub-atomic particles, and form into molecules which are responsible for life as we understand it, because they are the physical manifestation of the Primary Rays.

However, before the Elemental, Devic and Human life-streams, acting as the three Primary Rays, can experience life, they have to unite and create a temporary reality as a vehicle of expression, which they do on the fourth or middle sub-plane. This fourth state is the energy field related to the etheric, the element of Fire, and the plasma condition of matter. On this level all three life-streams can unite to act out their role in providing experience for the Absolute.

If further experience is required, from this fourth state of existence three more states can be added, each relating more particularly to one of the life- streams, and which approximately mirror the higher three states which are unable to manifest physically without the co-operation of the other life-streams. These extra three states are the elemental worlds of Air, Water and Earth: Air relating to the Third Primary of form, Water to the Second Primary of consciousness and Earth to the First Primary of will. The fact that the highest condition of life which exists as the First Primary is also inherent in the most dense state of solid matter, the seventh sub-plane related to the Seventh Ray, is a good example of the Quabbalistic concept of Kether in Malkuth.





Human beings are part of the Second lifestream, and are governed by the Second Primary of Love or Consciousness. This shows that basically we are creatures of consciousness, a fact that every great religion and philosophy has preached, and a fundamental spiritual truth.

What we consider to be our normal everyday selves, our personal awareness, is our personality. This can be affected by many various subjective influences, hardly any of which originate from our Higher Self - which only works through the Seven Rays. Therefore the Rays are not applicable here, and the nearest we get to understanding the variety of personality types is through astrological influence, acting as a link between the Rays and the influences our personalities are able to interact with.

It is the Human soul which exists as part of one of the Seven Rays, giving each person the ability to act as a channel for one of the Rays, once a certain amount of soul contact has been established. The soul Ray is responsible for our spiritual evolution by training our personality in the use of the individual Ray energies available to us.

It is the Devas and Elementals who are responsible for our reality. They work together to form the physical existence which we take for granted, but which we Humans are also partly responsible for because it is our awareness of our surroundings which gives these surroundings their objective existence. As Human beings we are machines used by the Absolute for the evolution of all three life-streams, and although ultimately we are conscious Human beings, we are also composed of Devic and Elemental essences which are responsible for our physical bodies and life energies respectively.

The Seven Rays interact with a Human being through the medium of the seven major chakras which form links between each of man�s bodies that exist on higher sub-planes above the physical. Our chakras are numerically related to both the Seven Rays and the Seven Planes, so that the lowest, the Base Centre, relates to the Seventh Ray, and the highest, the Crown Centre, relates to the First Ray.

The highest three chakras, the Crown, Head and Throat, work mainly with Elemental, Human and Devic energy respectively, giving us our life-force or will, our consciousness, and our form or physical body. This ties in with our spirit, soul and personality. In real terms, the Third Ray is responsible for our mental faculties, the Second Ray is responsible for our awareness, and the First Ray is responsible for our physical motivation. The lower four chakras work with the four Rays of Attribute through the medium of the four elements which correspond to the lower four Planes. These Planes are formed out of the substance of Elementals ~ which is why they are alluded to as the "elements" ~ and are organised into realities perceivable by Human consciousness through the interaction of the Devas.

In a Human being, the Earth element governs the solid form, from skeleton to skin; the Water element governs the liquid form, from the water content of the body to the bloodstream; the Air element governs the gaseous form such as the breath; and the Fire element governs the energy form such as the nervous system.

Although each person belongs fundamentally to just one Ray, we also possesses minor qualities of other Rays which help to mould the individual character. This is similar to the situation in astrology, where every individual with a Leo sun sign will also have traits taken from other zodiac signs dependent on planetary placings and his Ascendant. There the similarity ends. It is not possible to ascertain a person's Ray type from a study of the horoscope, because the energies of the Seven Rays which manifest on Earth originate from the realms of the stars far beyond our own solar system, and their energies are scaled down even before they reach the stars which comprise our zodiac signs.

So the Seven Rays, besides being a way of classifying and relating all manner of things both spiritual and mundane, also show that there are seven different approaches to spirituality, as each individual�s soul or Higher Self functions on just one of these Rays
. Above this is our spiritual essence or Monad, which does not function through the Seven Rays but only through the three Primary Rays.




The relationship between each of the Seven Rays and how these energies work into physical manifestation introduces the concept of angles.

Angles are non-physical energy connections that underlie all physical reality. They are the common denominator of everything that exists in the physical world and beyond, because they form the actual blueprint of all physical existence, both living and inert.

Just as the Seven Rays are the seven natural divisions of any reality, angles are the subjective relationship between two or more objective realities. Angles do not have an objective existence of their own, and operate as subjective connections between apparently unrelated forms. They are the result of the co-operation between the Devic and Elemental life evolutions, and function beyond our earthly Human objective awareness.

Although the idea of a relationship implies a connection we can understand with our logical minds, the truth is that everything in the universe is connected directly or indirectly to everything else. A lot of connections are obvious, such as your hand is connected to your arm, or a strong wind is responsible for leaves falling from trees, and in these instances the connection is objective, because we appreciate the connection. However, there are many indirect connections between things that are not obvious, because for anything to exist in the physical world it has to be connected in some way to the reality of physical existence. We cannot understand such connections because they are subjective and involve angles.

Every variety of manifestation on our planet owes its origins to angles through their intimate connection with form. They are symbolically assigned two of their own attributions, "intention" and "substance". "Intention" is produced by the Elemental Lords of Flame, and "substance" is produced by the Devic Lords of Form, who are also responsible for the construction of angles, using the medium of the archetypal Elementals as co-operative ingredients. This why the Devas are known as the "builders of the universe".

Angles are not form and only become so when the third ingredient is added, which is conscious energy or love. This is the attractive and creative force in the universe that stimulates angles into producing form on the lower four planes of manifestation. This joins with the two attributes of angles making a temporary, non-evolving life form which exists until consciousness ceases to be applied, and the life form returns to being a mere angle. When angles are activated and become temporary life forms they have a threefold existence of life-force, consciousness and form. Angles are not living beings: they do not evolve or belong to a particular Kingdom of evolution, but are a natural product of the Devic evolution, who create angles like we think.

Devas produce angles to give structure to the archetypal energy fields of the Planes - the basic state of the Elemental archetypes, by converting them into a condition that can be utilised by the Second Primary of consciousness. Once they have been activated, they fulfil their particular role through the angular structure of the etheric sub-planes of the lower Planes of Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Each Plane and sub-plane is of one element only, and therefore consists of only one type of Elemental being.

Angles are not part of any occult or spiritual system, but exist in a variety of specific forms that appear to be totally unrelated until you understand the concept of angles. Ancient tradition recognised angles but chose either to personify them, or call them specific names depending on which of their numerous functions was being described. A few examples are the aka threads of the Huna religion of Hawaii; the cords of the spider's web in European mythology; acupuncture meridians that distribute chi energy through the body, the similar nadis of yoga; plus the �elementals� of medieval magic.

In real terms, you cannot give specific examples of angles, you can only have what angles represent in each situation. This is because once you limit angles to any kind of definition, this becomes the concept that has been arrived at via angles, and so angles remain constantly subjective and beyond description. Angles do not have any kind of form of their own, even in the most abstract sense, but should be thought of more as potentialities of form after a definite archetypal pattern.

As the necessary ingredient of form, they exist in conjunction with manifestation on all Planes and sub-planes from the cosmic Third Plane downwards, which is the highest level on which form of any kind can exist.

In addition, angles always consist of the energies or substance peculiar to the Plane or sub-plane on which they function, although they also form connections between Planes. This is because "intention" works through a particular sub-plane that corresponds to the most suitable form or "substance" for a particular idea; so that when the circumstances surrounding the manifestation become ideal, creating the opportunity for Human involvement, the Deva is bound to create the angle out of the Elemental life of this sub-plane.

Individual Humans also owe their existence to angles. The Lords of Karma, evolved Devas associated with the planets, are responsible for creating Human angles before birth. The individuality of each person is based on the interpretation of the karmic necessity earned in previous existences, which determines the structure of the angles to be used as the vehicle for Human consciousness.

Angles also produce the natural environment without which there would be no life on Earth, and which people need to gain experience of life. Devas co-operate with the Elementals of each Plane or sub-plane to produce our normal surroundings, together with the variety of environmental effects which have the ability to affect our lives. Weather patterns are a good example of angles in operation, from earthquakes and volcanic eruptions on the earth sub-plane, to storms and tidal currents on the liquid sub-plane, to hurricanes and storms on the air sub-plane, and lightning on the energy sub-plane. The ancients were more aware than modern people of the hidden forces that caused these changes in the environment, and learnt how to work with these natural forces of the planet, who they knew as gods.

Angles link a Human being to his natural life environment via his etheric sheath or vital body. The etheric sheath acts like a scaffolding for the physical form, much like a spider's web. Each thread of the web acts as a channel that connects the pranic life-force of the higher sub-planes to the seven major chakras.

These lines of the spider�s web are one representation of angles. They form connections between every part of a Human being, because they form the blueprint of his identity, of his essence and of his potentialities. Every aspect of Human existence depends on one of these lines or angles making a connection to the rest of his form.

Angles, as the fabric of consciousness, are the framework through which we have conscious experience. Through the application of our conscious energy - often outside of our normal awareness - we inject them with the third balancing force, and once their three ingredients are in balance, their "intention", "substance" and "consciousness", the angle is activated.

This process demonstrates how they are responsible for a person's attributes, likes, manners, dreams, experiences, abilities, senses, intelligence, thoughts, emotions, pride, passion, love, compassion, health and energy. Absolutely everything concerning a human individual, even before birth and after death, is dependent on angles.

If we consider a person as an angle, the First Primary is the will, which works as the archetypal energy which make us Human, the Second Primary is our consciousness, representing our condition of awareness and the Third Primary is our angular form, representing our body and physical shape. The sum total of a person's angles, that have been imbued with consciousness and therefore brought to life, could be seen as a single Devic being: our personal guardian and provider, our Holy Guardian Angel. This is the Devic life who exists through the accumulation of awareness that is linked to our angles, and whose role is to sustain the balance between form and consciousness.

However, the Human etheric angular structure is only one representation of angles in man's natural environment: EVERY manifestation on our planet owes its origins to angles through their intimate connection with form, because angles are the subjective relationship between ANY two objective realities.

Angles are responsible for the interpretation of every reality we are normally able to experience, because they originate with universal energies that have their origins in the delicate balance and interaction of the planets in our solar system. The highest representations of angles in our reality are the astrological aspects between planets. These planetary angles are in continual motion but always retain a permanent existence, as the relationship between individual planets varies their intensity and influence over time. On Earth, we interact with angles like these because they have a subtle effect on various levels of electromagnetic frequencies, which are tuned to our Human sensory apparatus working through our chakras.

As the original angular set exists in the relationship between the planets in our solar system, these angles can be determined approximately from a horoscope. More than this, each individual is part of a huge angular structure that ties us in with all forms of life in the universe, from planets and stars, to Devas and Elementals. Humanity as a whole is an angle as much as each individual is a smaller angle within the group collective, and the constituent parts are all based on the same original design: as above, so below. This is the origin of the idea of archetypes, or in a mythical sense that "man is made in God's image", because all Human beings are archetypal man with the same basic angular set.



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